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The first innovation and development summit of new research and development institutions opened in nanjing, China

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2018/06/30 12:18
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On June 26, 2018, in order to fully implement the decision of nanjing municipal party committee and municipal government on building a world-renowned innovation city with global influence, promote the high-quality development of new research and development institutions, and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the first innovation and development summit of new research and development institutions in nanjing opened at nanjing international expo center.




At the meeting, zhang jinghua, member of the standing committee of jiangsu provincial committee and secretary of nanjing municipal party committee, delivered a speech and unveiled the brand of nanjing innovation investment group.




Wang haitao, chairman of nanjing innovation investment group, on behalf of innovation investment group, signed a contract with institute of membrane science, jiangsu institute of industry and research, nanjing cuhk biological information research institute co., ltd. and innovation works (Beijing) enterprise management co., ltd. to establish angel fund.




In order to accelerate the construction of a first-class innovation ecosystem and accelerate the cultivation and development of a number of high-tech enterprises, the municipal party committee and the municipal government decided to establish the nanjing innovation investment group. With the strong support of the municipal sasac, nanjing innovation investment group was established in the shortest possible time, jointly initiated by nanjing zijin investment group, new industry group, urban construction group and southeast group, with a registered capital of 5 billion yuan. The group has integrated and gathered all kinds of resources, funds and platforms focusing on scientific and technological innovation and industrial development at the municipal level. At present, the scale of entrusted funds has exceeded 20 billion yuan.




Summit held by zijin investment group, at the same time to undertake the nanjing angel investor conference, invitational rich Asia investment fund founding managing partner Andrew y yan, force the angel investment guan-ping feng, yuan wo origin throws the execution of the partnership, chairman of manhole to countries and so on well-known investors around the angel investment development, new r&d capital support, agglomeration vc resources high-end talks, etc.