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"Lofty" + "affinity" "spirit of party members" + "plateau feeling" -- qinghai innovation "party lesson +" mode to deliver the party's good voice

Party culture
2019/04/16 01:45
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Can you imagine a party lesson in which there are only one true story after another; Teachers make cameo appearances as role models; Use drama, stage play, impromptu speech and other forms...
In qinghai plateau, the song "that distant place", the fresh "out of the blue" "the initial heart and the mission" five fine party lessons are realizing this kind of imagination. After more than 300 public lectures, more than 60,000 audience to listen to the test, qinghai to promote the party spirit education curriculum innovation practice won widespread praise.
All eyes are on the stage
On the afternoon of March 20, the small auditorium of qinghai provincial party school was full. Backstage in the auditorium, bai jihong, 55, had donned a 1950s replica of the people's liberation army uniform, strapped on his belt and pulled down his coat corners before turning to the mirror to adjust the brim.
Qinghai-tibet highway, the holy "hada" lingering on the top of the snowy mountain, is a miracle created on the roof of the world by general mu shengzhong's army of road builders in the 1950s. Bai jihong, a senior teacher at the Mongolian and Tibetan autonomous prefecture party school in haixi, qinghai province, worked with seven colleagues to interpret the "road opening story" in the background of the documentary featuring old black-and-white photos of the snowy mountains on the plateau.
Music, lighting, set all ready, party class kicked off. Story a link link, plot pressure a scene, the army of road road into tanggula mountain pass. Facing the vigorous wind of the plateau and the eternal snow, general mu shengzhong waved his sledgehammer and encouraged the road workers around him: "even if you die, you should face Lhasa!" The audience of 300 held their breath, many with red eyes.
Over the past three years, the organization department of qinghai provincial party committee has carefully created five quality courses of party spirit education, among which the party course of "mushengzhong road spirit" is one of them. The other four party lessons are "two bombs and one star dedication spirit", "the herdsmen governor gabulong chizi spirit", "yushu earthquake relief struggle spirit" and "kekexili stick to the spirit".
The people on the stage are fully committed, the people under the stage are rapt, every emotional place, the people present with tears in their eyes... This is the five fine party lessons in and outside the province when the propaganda of the normal. "In March 2017, we preached the spirit of 'two bombs and one star' in nankai university. At the end, the music of 'ode to the motherland' could not be played due to a malfunction. "Said zhou guangjing, a party lecturer.
"A young mountain ranger took the stage to tell the story of his first night in kekexili. He was dizzy, cold and biting. His heart was engaged in a fierce ideological struggle over whether to go or stay. I could really feel the bitterness and bitterness of no man's land. Qinghai province, hainan Tibetan autonomous prefecture, republican county longyangxia town party secretary zhou said.
How are the five fine party lessons tempered
"We can promote the comprehensive innovation of the party course, which cannot be separated from the efforts of these party course teachers, historical witnesses and front-line practitioners, who dare to challenge and break through their own, dedicated, admirable." Staff member zhu xiaodong of cadre education office of organization department of qinghai provincial party committee says, the teachers that does not have stage experience are brave to break through oneself to challenge a role, the person that historical experience and story witness dare to recall the past events again and again, the pain that faces bury bottom of the heart directly...
Qiupei zhaxi, 37, is the head of the hoh xil zhuo naihu protection station. "The loss of a loved one is a tragedy for the family, and every time I speak on stage, it's a huge test." 'but he believes that by telling the story in his own voice, he will help more people understand hokexili and become more in awe and love of nature.'
The creation of party lesson and innovation are not accomplish overnight. "In order to better understand general mu shengzhong, our team collected a large amount of historical data, and created the text from the first draft to the final draft, with 37 major changes. Yu xiang, a senior teacher at the haixi provincial party school, said that in order to better understand the difficulties of the army's road construction, they twice revisited the qinghai-tibet line and wielded an 18-pound sledgehammer like general mu shengzhong.
"On the basis of repeatedly studying the public historical materials of 'two bombs and one star', we selected and targeted key historical figures, went to various places in China for rescue interviews, and then found flash points that could fill the historical gap and have dissemination value from the hundreds of thousands of words of oral historical materials. "Zhou said.
Hai bei state party school senior lecturer appropriate yanpeng is the party lesson "herdsmen governor garburon spirit" one of the chief creative personnel, also is the role of garburon actor. He said: "in order to experience the life of gabulong, we went to his old house many times to live and communicate with his daughter and granddaughter. I still remember seeing the old thermos cup used by the old governor for more than 30 years. I burst into tears." Due to day and night to figure out the role, tuo yanpeng eventually fell ill, a year lost more than 30 jin.
The same goes for bai jihong, who "chewed through" all the historical materials he could find in order to better interpret the general's image. His office and bedroom were covered with old photos of the general and materials related to the qinghai-tibet highway. "On tanggula mountain, the wheels of a car roll. Today shovel pick in hand, bulldoze the roof of the world!" General mu shengzhong's poem top gun lingyun, bai jihong in order to put the poem interpretation in place, often practice night and day, "throat smoke son's words drink saliva to continue to practice."
Touching "code"
"People all over the country are familiar with the saying 'there is no lack of spirit in the plateau', but qinghai lacks the carrier of this spirit. Zhu xiaodong said that how to encourage local cadres and the masses, how to attract young talents to support the construction of qinghai, need the new qinghai spirit of intellectual support.
Whether it is hoh xil, qinghai-tibet highway, or herdsmen governor, earthquake relief, using familiar scenes, heroes and stories for local party cadres to carry out party spirit education, is an important means to promote party spirit education innovation in qinghai. In addition, through the content, form and method of innovation, five fine party lessons greatly enhance the attractiveness, improve the teaching effect.
"The five fine party lessons use people and things around to educate people around, will have a natural affinity, the great ideal, the spirit of struggle and other words no longer 'tall and lofty', become close to life, close to the people, political height and emotional temperature can be combined and unified. Qi guanhai, vice President of the qinghai provincial party school, said that from a psychological point of view, the audience will identify with the historical facts they are familiar with more quickly and get further rational thinking after emotional sublimation.
"The biggest disadvantage of regular party lessons is that they are full of content, stale and monotonous, and not very attractive to students." Sun yanyong, an investigator of the party school of haixi state party committee, said that now the five fine party lessons abandon the cold preaching, integrate the literary expression techniques, and use the modern scientific and technological means of integrating sound and electricity, through role playing, narration and narration of events, so as to impact the audience's visual and auditory sense from multiple forms and angles, and the effect is shocking.
"Studying the party course is actually the process of studying the teaching objects. In order to teach the 'two bombs and one star' party course well, I have revised thousands of speeches for different teaching objects." Zhou guangjing said, for today's young group of highly educated party cadres, "two bombs and one star" researchers give up good life choice unknown to the public, go to the northwest is the most moving plot, she will appropriately expand this part of the content in the classroom.
The spirit never fades and innovation never stops
"I heard that the organization department of the provincial party committee will recruit young people from local universities and party schools as a follow-up faculty reserve, and I also want to find a chance to have a try." "Listen to not satisfied, hope to join the party lesson team more listen more talk." Every party lesson is the training of the propagandist, more than 300 intensive preaching exercise out a number of excellent party lesson teachers, successful propagandists become communicators, inheritors and drivers, many colleges and universities in qinghai students by the story behind the scenes, showing a strong interest in the propagandist post.
"Defending historical memory and inheriting the national spirit are the beliefs of our evangelists. "There are still more than 2,000 people alive working on the 'two bombs and one star' project, of which about 200 are worth of interviews. 'don't let your precious spiritual wealth become a thing of the past,' zhou said.
Yu xiang said, the party class "mushengzhong road spirit" has initially formed a brand effect, take this opportunity to expand into a systematic teaching project is feasible way. "Party class needs the combination of rational education and emotional education, students can accept a certain theoretical education, visiting MuShengZhong general's former residence, systematically to retrace the qinghai-tibet railway, 3 km walk, can field lun hammer, dig the permafrost, it is able to feel the way is not easy, and then sat down to listen to classic party class, but also in the process of weaving explore the communication link."
"Model of qinghai-tibet plateau in all walks of life are constantly emerging, five boutique party class is not an end, is only the starting point, time in progress, in the social development, the next, qinghai also need to continue to do a good job cultivating and selected a typical tree, continuously introduce conform to the requirements of the new era, innovation, dare to bear good cadres, party members, good typical." Said qi guan hai. As he said, qinghai is continuing to tap into local spiritual resources, such as the "spirit of qaidam oilfield", and constantly enrich the content of the party course.
At present, qinghai has published and distributed five high-quality audio-visual products of "beginner's mind and mission" for the whole country, and will also coordinate the publication of books and the development of audio courses. At the same time, the "two bombs and one star" ideal and faith education college and the qinghai long march spirit inheritance education college have started construction, and the "new qinghai spirit highland" themed education pavilion is under construction.
"We must make persistent efforts to meet the 'hot potato', take the responsibility and act on our own initiative." In the view of wu hongliang, deputy director of the organization department of qinghai provincial party committee, it is the mission of the creative team of "party lesson" to let cadres at all levels continuously stick to their original intention to undertake the mission in the training and education, and take root in the plateau to serve the people of all ethnic groups. He firmly believed that the cadre has the monument in the heart, the action has the power, has the courage to weather the storm, sees the world, grows the talent in the trial and tribulation, will certainly create the beautiful tomorrow of the new era. (xining, April 11, xinhua)
(editor in charge: wang renfeng)