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Zhangjiagang city, jiangsu province, implemented the "red fort" project for grassroots party building

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2019/04/03 01:47
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Source: China organization and personnel news
Our correspondent wang lefei and zhou ying
After this year's Spring Festival, many road signs with the words "red fort" quietly appeared on the main road in zhangjiagang city, jiangsu province, which were particularly eye-catching. Citizens follow these signs to the red fort positions. Not only that, the organization department of the municipal party committee also published the map of zhangjiagang red fort, as long as a map in hand, you can accurately lock all over the urban and rural red "coordinates".
In recent years, zhangjiagang has vigorously implemented the "red fort" project for grassroots party building, promoted the construction of five levels of "red fort" positions in the city, town, region, village (community) and basic grid, woven the network of grassroots party building positions, and created a 10-minute party building circle at the grassroots level. In accordance with the principle of "one room for multiple purposes, centralized service, co-construction and sharing", the existing positions such as village (community) public housing, idle farm housing, agricultural industrial base, village (residence) and people's activity room are utilized to build grid party and group service stations with distinctive characteristics, such as party and group good-neighborly workshop, people's livelihood teahouse and old lady's uncle studio.
Now, with the full implementation of the "red fort" project, all kinds of "red fort" positions bloom in a variety of shapes, outline the grass-roots party organizations a new portrait: for the party members in the training base in zhangjiagang city, it is an interactive experience to enhance the party's "reality classroom"; For villagers in yuanjiaqiao village, jingang town, it is a "people's livelihood teahouse" that can report problems to village cadres while drinking tea. To the workmate of construction site people, it is one can be after overworked a day, loosen recreational, read a book to get online "pioneer harbor"...
A ruler monitors it in real time
Zhangjiagang city yicanhedong road, near the shazhou lake, there is a party member points exchange machine. Party members can open the "zhangjiagang pioneer" platform on their mobile phones and exchange key rings, water cups, scarves and other cultural and creative products at any time by virtue of their points. "These exchanges are specially customized and are very popular with cartoon images of our party building spokesmen 'shasha' and 'zhouzhou' printed on them." Zhang jiagang municipal party committee organization department party management section chief shen liqiang said.
In September 2018, the city introduced the "fortress index" for party branches and the "vanguard index" for party members, which become a yardstick for real-time monitoring, dynamic reflection and comprehensive evaluation of grassroots party building.
"Some branches have problems such as lax management of party members, inadequate implementation of the 'three meetings and one lesson' system, and thematic party day activities being a mere formality. Some even have empty branches." "If these problems are not effectively addressed, the grassroots red fort will become a sham," said fan jianbing, deputy head of the organizational department of zhangjiagang municipal committee. These problems can be solved easily by implementing two indexes of innovation.
A party branch that conducts less than six activities a year is vetoed by one vote; Party members will also be penalized if they cheat in organizing activities, education and training... The evaluation of the two "indexes" adopts the hundred-mark system, takes the year as the cycle, carries on the star rating according to the actual score to the party branch and the party member, and takes the result of the evaluation as the important reference for the evaluation and appointment.
Two index assessment to ensure fair, accurate, effective and popularize the use of the party organization in the city life reality system, the party branch just login "zhangjiagang pioneer" WeChat public, use facial recognition for online check-in, activities will be generated automatically after the big data and real-time grasp the branch organization of life to carry out the situation.
The three mechanisms are rich in connotation
In the implementation of the "red fort" project, the city actively explore the "grid branch", "action branch", "whole transfer branch" and other new mechanisms, and constantly enrich the new connotation of party branch construction.
Branches are built in a grid with full coverage. The city and thorough going efforts to promote the party leading the social governance grid work, and explore the branch was built on the grid, the formation of "village (community) party organization - grid party branch - Dai group (building) group" three-level structure, frames, complement, proportional amount, designated the elaborating management, let the root in the party organization of the village texture, walked beside the masses of party members, make people feel organization is just around the corner, say something as grid member, act on the doorstep.
Party members take the lead in nibbling at tough problems. The city has established more than 130 "action branches" according to the "six requirements" of specific action projects and characteristic action brands, leading and leading the party members in major tasks such as rural revitalization, poverty alleviation and Yangtze river protection.
Start the export mechanism seriously. Part of the party members in the academy community of jinfeng town did not transfer in time due to their work in other places, so they could not normally participate in the life of the party organization, resulting in less than 60 points for party members. In view of this situation, jinfeng town is divided into three pilot areas to establish the "integrated transfer branch", which will carry out a year of normal learning and education for the whole town's backward party members. After one year of study, the party member who has passed the appraisal shall be transferred to the original branch; If they still fail, the study period will be extended for one year. After the end of the extension period is not qualified, party members will be launched export mechanism, according to the relevant provisions of the disposal of the party.
(editor in charge: wang renfeng)