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Extending the tentacles of party building to activate "nerve endings"

Party culture
2019/04/02 01:48
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Reporter what yong
In the past, the mention of liaoning jinzhou linghai city village, we shook our heads: the lack of organization of the masses, the lack of service to the masses... However, since May 2018, the village has had a string of happy events. The village completed the reform of the property right system and increased collective income by 360,000 yuan. Where did the transformation come from?
"In the past, the village 'two committees' and the large village economy each did their own thing. Now, the village 'two committees'; supply and marketing cooperatives, processing enterprises and farmers tied together;the establishment of the party to build a consortium, do what work is easy to promote. Hao yongde of village branch secretary regrets.
For part of the village-level party organizations services to the masses "idling" nap ", "at the beginning of 2016, jinzhou building village-level party building complexes, 1133: the village party organization as the core, service station for bibcock, between collective economic organizations and farmers cooperative organizations for support, covering a variety of economic service organizations and villagers' autonomy organization, has realized" three system ": the organization set up" catch ", resource integration "plan as a whole, the people's livelihood" affairs "over".
"For a party to build a coalition, it is necessary to have a strong leader in the party organization." Jinzhou municipal committee, the organization department minister li xiangyi said. Through supporting the implementation of the "" hundred-village demonstration" "and" "thousand-village improvement" "project, 267 cadres have taken up the post of secretary of the village party organization, and more than 2,800 leading industrial figures and" "two-touch" "village-level reserve cadres have played a leading role in the party building complex. The city has set up 472 party organizations of seven types, including industrial integration type, project leading type and village and community co-construction type, more than 4,630 organizations, including village collective economy, villager autonomy, village affairs supervision, labor security and public service, and more than 4,200 vanguard posts for party members.
Wutaizi village of heishan county has built a house of 400 square meters of party building association, improved the system of party-mass meeting, "three meetings and one lesson", "four meetings and one trial, two open", and moved the party group, branch theme party day and party member activity day in the party building association to the project site, workshop team, fruit and vegetable greenhouses. At the same time, the United Nations joined forces to carry out party services, production services, scientific and technological services, information services, cultural services, and so on, to change the past village party branch sing "one-man show" situation.
"The establishment of the party building association makes the village branch extend the tentacles of party building and activate the 'nerve endings'." Li xiangyi said.
(editor in charge: wang renfeng)