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For the full implementation of the nanjing municipal party committee municipal government decisions about building a global influence city deployment, pry further play to the state-owned capital power, motivating and influence, accelerate building the first-class innovation ecological system, speed up the cultivation and development of high and new technology enterprise, municipal party committee municipal government decided to establish nanjing innovation investment group.


Nanjing innovation investment group set up in nanjing, the construction has the global influence of innovative city is an important measure, is one of the important gripper innovation drive, is conducive to all kinds of innovation resources, the policy effective concentration, build nanjing innovation investment brand name card, to better promote and lead the nanjing city innovation system construction and industrial transformation and upgrading.

Set up the background

The registered capital of nanjing innovation investment group is 5 billion yuan, co-sponsored by nanjing zijin investment group, new industry group, urban construction group and southeast group. Nanjing innovation investment group has integrated all kinds of city-level resources, funds and platforms focusing on scientific and technological innovation and industrial development. At present, the scale of entrusted funds is nearly 20 billion yuan.



Nanjing innovation investment group aimed at zhuhai city construction of strategic objectives, through the government guidance and impetus, give full play to the market in the allocation of resources and decisive role, key support to foster a seed, the leading science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises, driven by innovation leading high quality development, to promote "two landing, a fusion" ground to take root, to promote industrial transformation and upgrading of nanjing, with world influence of innovative city construction to make due contributions.

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